What is a 21 day yoga challenge?
This is a 21-day online workshop wherein we will practice yoga together every day for 21 days.
Our Satvic Health Educator, Ms. Radhika Gupta will guide you through an hour-long session every morning on Zoom. You can expect every session to be a combination of practicing asanas and pranayama along with gaining deep knowledge of the yogic philosophy.

What benefits will I see after 21 days?
– Clear, glowing skin
– Increased flexibility
– Abundance of energy
– Weight control
– Excellent strength
– Amazing balance

What will we gain from this workshop?
– Live yoga sessions every morning
– Reviews and feedback on your asanas
– Connection with a like-minded community of 10000+ yogis
– Many exciting events such as kirtans, guest speakers, and satvic cooking demos
– Access to a private Facebook group for continuous hand-holding and support through the 21 days

Important note: Please use a strong WiFi connection to join this workshop.

03rd to 23rd January, everyday
Timing (LIVE Sessions over Zoom Webinar)
7 to 8 am every morning (All timings are in IST)

Language of Instruction
All Levels (Beginner to Intermediate).

Registrations Open

How does it work?


As soon as you register for the workshop, you will receive an email with a unique joining link for live yoga sessions. To join the live yoga sessions, you simply have to click the link.


"It was truly a transformational experience. On the last day, I was wondering, why can it not last forever! I am going to miss this community."

23, Chandigarh
"For a long time, I was suffering from very severe back pain. I could not even sit somewhere for 1 hour. After the workshop, my back is stronger than ever! No backpain since the last few weeks."

28, Pune
Meeta Malhotra
"It is because of Radhika that Yoga has become an important part of my life now. She practiced all the poses with us and that’s something a good teacher does!"

Meeta Malhotra
55, Mumbai
Misha Arora Ruhaan
"I could never wake up early even after 4 alarms but after the yoga challenge I’m able to wake up early without an alarm."

Misha Arora Ruhaan
Himanshu Arora
"Participating in yoga challenge helped me lose weight and have a leaner body."

Himanshu Arora
35, Gurgaon
Rohini Rao G
"I could do chakrasana in one go without any practise. I was so surprised because I haven’t done that asana for many years."

Rohini Rao G
36, London
"My favourite thing about the programme was the infectious energy of Radhika Ji and the incredible community element that enhanced the experience through a feeling of belonging."

28, Bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions

Can beginners join this class?

Yes, this workshop is for absolutely everyone! We will learn and practise asanas step by step in the first week, focusing on each body part. Second week onwards, we will focus on breath and alignment and only in the 3rd week, will we move towards flows. This workshop is for all ages and all levels.

What if I can’t attend at 7 am everyday?

Not to worry! Even though it would be best to attend the sessions live, you may choose to practice at any other time during the day. The replay links will be made available for all of January.

Can I practise Yoga during pregnancy?

Yoga is very beneficial for pregnant women. However, the asanas need to be planned based on the specific trimester. Since we are hosting this workshop online, we are not equipped to provide one-on-one guidance for pregnant women. Therefore, it would be best for pregnant mothers to avoid this workshop.

Can I practise if I’m on my periods?

Yes, there is absolutely no problem. In every class, modifications will be taught so you can adapt each asana to your comfort. If you’re experiencing pain, you can simply skip the physical practice and participate in the relaxation.

I have knee pain and back pain. Can I practise yoga?

Yes, we encourage you to join the sessions to get rid of your pain. For every posture, modifications will be taught so you can practice as per your capability. You will see a huge improvement in your flexibility and pain level with each passing day. We recommend that you double up your mat and have 2 cushions available while you practice with us.

I suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure, etc. Can I practice yoga?

Yes, absolutely! This challenge along with the Satvic lifestyle will help you reverse your chronic conditions.

How will I continue my practice after 21 days?

We will share with you a self practise guide with all asanas that will allow you continue your practice. You will have access to a large library of self practise videos as well as tutorials to perfect your asanas.